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Classification Bio-Degradable Plastic Bag Registration Online Form Wizard

Step 1: Client Details


Client Information

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Person Responsible

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Address Information

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Step 2: Manufacturer Details


1. General Information

Manufacturer Information

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Manufacturer Address Information

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Laboratory Information

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Laboratory Address Information

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Step 3: Product Details


2. Bio-Degradable Bag Information

Are the bags Oxo-biodegradable
Are the tests done by third part laboratory approved by the government
Is the manufacturer a government acceptable Company
Are these laboratory test results available? Page No.
Determination of Bio-Degradable of material
Determination of degradation time
Conditions at which Bio-Degradability occurs
By-Products of Bio-Degradation
Heavy metal content
Weight of Bio-Degradable bags before and after degradation
Percentage of non-biodegradable content
If to be used for food packaging, demonstrating it's safe for packed food
Abiotic degradation
Total biodegradation time

3. Specify degradation time and amount

Time of degradation: Degradation amount:

4. Specify service life and storage life

Service life: Storage Life:

5. What are the conditions for Bio-Degradation?

Please specify the conditions?

6. What are the by-products of Bio-Degradation of the plastic bag?

Please specify the by-product?

7. Specify weight of the bag before and after degradation

Weight before degradation: Weight after degradation:

8. Specify Bio-Degradation amount and percentage of non-Bio-Degradation contents

Total Bio-Degradation amount: Percentage of non-Bio-Degradation contents:

9. If any of the following heavy metals are released during degradation specify the amounts

  Tick mg/kg dry substance   Tick mg/kg dry substance
Zinc (Zn)
  Chromium (Cr)
Copper (Cu)
  Molybdenum (Mo)
Nikel (Ni)
  Selenium (Se)
Cadmium (Cd)
  Arsenic (As)
Lead (Pb)
  Fluoride (F)
Mercury (Hg)

Step 3: Attachment Details


Required Documents

Documents of the test reports issued by the laboratory * :  
Summary sheet for classification of biodegradable plastic bags * :  
NOTE: Expected file format are as follow; PDF, PNG, JPG & JPEG