Report an Environmental Violation

EPA seeks your help! Please let us know about potentially harmful environmental activities in our community.

How You Can Help!

We invite you to help us protect our nation's environment by identifying and reporting environmental violations.

Please reach out to EPA hotline +960 7980379 to log your complaint. You can also contact us through social media (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram), Provide as many details as possible while reporting the complaint. Relevant photos and videos are highly encouraged.

(eg: Event or Case information, Location, Vessel registration number, People involved etc…).

You are not required to provide your contact information in order for EPA to review your tip or complaint. However, if you do not provide contact information, EPA may be unable to contact you for additional information that may be needed to determine whether or not an investigation is warranted. If you do provide contact information, this information may be used to initiate follow-up communications with you and may be shared by EPA with appropriate administrative and law enforcement engaged in investigating the tip or complaint.