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DG's visit to Addu city and Fuahmulah Protected Areas

2 July 2018

Our Director General Mr. Ibrahim Naeem recently visited the site of developmental works progressing at protected areas in Addu City and Fuvahmulah under Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP).

Climate Change Adaptation Project is second phase project being carried out under Climate Change Trust Fund subsidized by European Union and Australian Aid in order to minimize possible negative environmental impacts due to climate change.
Mr. Ibrahim Naeem was engaged with City Councils of both Addu and Fuvahmulah regarding this project to discuss the sustainability of the project.

During his visit to Addu city Nature park, Mr. Naeem was acquainted with WHO's representative for Maldives Dr. Arvind Mathur, who attended the protected area along with Mr. Naeem to witness the progression of constructional works that are being carried out.
Mr. Naeem's inspection trip to the protected areas was accompanied by Biosphere Reserve Fund Manager Mr. Abdulla Shibaau and Senior Environmental Analyst of EPA Mr. Ahmed Shan.

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